by Chaosnerve

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Chaosnerve's debut EP release, Endolight.


released August 9, 2015

Kerem Dinçer - Vocals
Semhan Aydın - Guitars
Özgür Topçuoğlu - Guitars
Barbaros Pakar - Bass
Tan Mungan - Drums

Recorded at TT Productions
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Alper Ketenci
Edited by Semhan Aydın
Graphic design by Semhan Aydın



all rights reserved


Chaosnerve Istanbul, Turkey

Chaosnerve was founded in Istanbul, in late 2010, with the aim of composing original music.

As of now the band's debut release is out and they're starting their concerts/gigs around their hometown, looking to start the album marathon as soon as possible.

Make sure you follow our official page, Twitter and Facebook page for the latest Chaosnerve news.
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Track Name: Hope Dies
It’s who we are,
Trapped in a cage,
Made of skin and bones.

We know not,
Any other way to live, no;
Just praying for today.

We tell lies,
Just to save ourselves,
Then we are asking for relief.

Live and learn;
Trust isn't earned, but it is gifted,
By the weak.

Hold on to it, never let it go.
There goes the hope, won't back it grow? (Hope dies)
Visit the shrines to stall decay.
There goes your soul, it's too late for the mourn.

Only a few will die,
Knowing better than to fear,
From the unseen and greed.

We held the pride alive,
Stuck with faceless preachers,
And the weak.

We know not,
Any other way to live.
We tell lies,
Just to save ourselves.
Live and learn,
Trust ain’t earned but its a gift.
We held the pride alive,
Stuck with the faceless preachers.
Track Name: Awakening
Dreaming eyes wide open.
Restless nightmares are in town,
Carving hope out of my flesh,
Deceiving with a numbing warmth.

Living lies, forgotten,
Countless prayers are let down,
Carving faith out of my flesh.
Will I live in a test,
Just to do my best,
Until the end?

But to pretend as if I’m alive is not enough.
Here I am denying it all, come what may.

I’m burning out,
This night runs without a need;
Turns me against my awakening.

I’m burning out,
But this fight shall set me free;
It will lead me to my awakening.

Living lies still forgotten.
A reckless but mundane breakdown.
Carving lust out of my flesh.
Will I live in a jest,
So called a quest,
Until the end?
Track Name: For You
Been trying to find the strength,
To tell you that I am not the same.
As I was before we’ve met,
And that you are the reason why I can’t stay anymore.

I am running circles, leads nowhere.
This festering affliction in me,
Is hiding behind my pride,
And takes away all I have, my peace of mind.

Don’t pretend like,
There can be a light,
In the end of the tunnel,
But don’t pretend like,
I haven’t really tried.
It's you who didn't fight.
So, tell me...

Why would I stay in your way?
I breathe again, I'm free again.
So, why would I play your games?
Now, for you I'm fading away.

A million words can’t tell you my,
Rise and fall within these emotions.
You have changed my chemistry,
Nothing is where I left them anymore.

Searching under the dim light,
Of our past and grim lies.
But your laugh is not leaving,
As long as I am dreaming and I’ll find a way to let all go.

Hiding is one way to deny what lies,
Beneath the false hope that dragged us this far.
Now it's far enough.
You should just tell me why,
Just tell me...

For you now my soul is just burning!
Our paths should never be crossing again,
Until we find a way to escape this,
We should never look back.

Within our reach, a new beginning;
A chance to survive this feeling and,
To climb up this pitch black hole we fell,
We should never look back – never look back.

No, I don't think you can see, it's all so plain to me.
If I stay, I won't be the one to decide.
So plain to me. How can’t you see?
I wish the cost for the freedom wasn't this high.
Track Name: Leaving All Behind
These roads we’ve crawled in guilty,
Are nothing more than a torture designed,
By our reckless decisions.
Now we’re choosing to fight,
With lust and pride combined.

Rising up,
Into infinity,
Leaving all behind,
Our own enemies.

With each day we’re growing weary.
Underneath our rebellion, lurks in sobriety,
The last stand of our beliefs.
No more will it remain as,
Oppressed by society.

Forget the pain caused by failures,
Let go and accept it, destroy or neglect it.
This war, it never ends.
Yet we’re choosing to fight,
With love and hate combined.

Rising up,
Into infinity,
Leaving all behind,
Our own enemies.

Leaving all behind,
Rise and fall, I’ve seen it.
This time I feel it. I’m going up!