For You

from by Chaosnerve



Been trying to find the strength,
To tell you that I am not the same.
As I was before we’ve met,
And that you are the reason why I can’t stay anymore.

I am running circles, leads nowhere.
This festering affliction in me,
Is hiding behind my pride,
And takes away all I have, my peace of mind.

Don’t pretend like,
There can be a light,
In the end of the tunnel,
But don’t pretend like,
I haven’t really tried.
It's you who didn't fight.
So, tell me...

Why would I stay in your way?
I breathe again, I'm free again.
So, why would I play your games?
Now, for you I'm fading away.

A million words can’t tell you my,
Rise and fall within these emotions.
You have changed my chemistry,
Nothing is where I left them anymore.

Searching under the dim light,
Of our past and grim lies.
But your laugh is not leaving,
As long as I am dreaming and I’ll find a way to let all go.

Hiding is one way to deny what lies,
Beneath the false hope that dragged us this far.
Now it's far enough.
You should just tell me why,
Just tell me...

For you now my soul is just burning!
Our paths should never be crossing again,
Until we find a way to escape this,
We should never look back.

Within our reach, a new beginning;
A chance to survive this feeling and,
To climb up this pitch black hole we fell,
We should never look back – never look back.

No, I don't think you can see, it's all so plain to me.
If I stay, I won't be the one to decide.
So plain to me. How can’t you see?
I wish the cost for the freedom wasn't this high.


from Endolight, released August 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Chaosnerve Istanbul, Turkey

Chaosnerve was founded in Istanbul, in late 2010, with the aim of composing original music.

As of now the band's debut release is out and they're starting their concerts/gigs around their hometown, looking to start the album marathon as soon as possible.

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